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Pioneering Agricultures Regeneration

At WolfenWeier Consulting

We spearhead comprehensive agricultural consultation services with a dedicated focus on ensuring the future sustainability of the industry. Our unique approach centers on guiding individuals, businesses, and companies through the transformative journey of regenerative sustainability and achieving carbon goals.

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Explore our range of consulting packages and services tailored to meet various levels of understanding and involvement. Join us in shaping a new future for agriculture and your business.

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We are not just consultants; we are farmers, manufacturers, and retailers ourselves. Our focus is on realistic, achievable goals within your existing management strategy, facilitating the journey towards new legislative compliance. When you engage with us, we become an integral part of your team, working tirelessly to protect your core business from any adverse effects.

Drone Contracting Services:

Our drone contracting services offer the largest ag drones capable of applying liquid or dry products with RTK accuracy. Applying at blanket or specific variable rates extremely efficiently and effectively. With advanced capabilities for agricultural assessments, our drone fleet provides high-resolution imagery for crop monitoring, disease detection, precision mapping, and all precision aerial spraying and spreading requirements. This technology enhances decision-making processes and facilitates the implementation of targeted interventions.

Mobile Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory:

Our mobile soil and plant testing laboratory [Mobile Bio-Min Lab] is a cornerstone of our operations, providing on-the-go, same-day analysis for clients. This allows for real-time assessment of soil health and plant nutrition, ensuring that agricultural practices are precisely tailored to the specific needs of the land.

Soil Amelioration Expertise:

Addressing soil health is crucial for sustainable agriculture. Our expertise in soil amelioration involves implementing strategies to enhance soil structure, fertility, and microbial activity. This ensures a thriving environment for crops and contributes to carbon sequestration.

Plant Nutrition Expertise:

Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of plant nutrition, guiding clients in optimising crop yields through balanced nutrient management. By understanding the unique nutritional needs of various crops, we assist in achieving healthier plants and maximising agricultural productivity.

Low Stress Livestock Handling Skills:

Our team excels in low-stress livestock handling, prioritising the well-being of animals. By employing gentle and effective techniques, we ensure that livestock are managed with care, reducing stress levels and enhancing overall animal health and productivity.

Ruminant Nutrition:

With a focus on ruminant nutrition, we bring specialised expertise to optimise the dietary requirements of livestock. Our approach aims to improve animal performance, reproductive efficiency, and overall herd health through balanced and tailored nutritional plans.

Agricultural Application Machinery:

We leverage cutting-edge agricultural application machinery to implement precision farming techniques. From fertilisation to pest control, our equipment ensures accurate and efficient application, minimising resource wastage and environmental impact.

Incorporating these operational components, WolfenWeier Consulting Group ensures a comprehensive and integrated approach to agricultural sustainability, encompassing soil health, livestock management, nutrition, and advanced technologies for precise and efficient farming practices.